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Cruiser-Standalone software for new Sony Ericsson cell phones.Fast Unlock,change language,change customizations,repairing.No Internet connection required.Includes complete FIGHTER functionality.
Cruiser Update (01 March 2006) Added support for unlocking several new LG U8180 firmwares. Updated ARM 2004/2005 FAQ help-file section. Added FAQ help-file section for Sharp 3G phones. Updated LG U8110/U8120 unlock procedure descriptions Updated LG U813x/U8180/U83x0 unlock procedure descriptions. Fixed bug in language pack description for Sony Ericsson K700 Cruiser Update Version 9.10 (16 February 2006) It is possible to open more flash files simultaneously (just hold down the Ctrl key while selecting files) It is possible to customize a file system automatically right after flashing raw FS All flasher modules were updated Minor changes in CID54 configuration analysis code Modified default state of Extended configuration options Phone Firmware Backup (pfb) files created in this version are not backwards compatible (i.e. should not be used with previous versions) The Lock to network option should not be enabled for red CID41/42 phones Fixed minor FS customization issue Fixed minor GDFS/FS bug from version 9.00 Sony Ericsson W550 (new HW) testpoint picture updated Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson T290a, K300i and K700i Communication code updated Start up code modified A few memory leaks removed Cruiser Update Version 9.3 (09 February 2006) Special flashing options added for new ARM phones Fixed RSA AVR booting bug from version 9.00 Fixed minor bug from security zone creation Updated Sony Ericsson V/K60x testpoint pictures Cruiser Update Version 9.2 (08 February 2006) Fixed GDFS and FS access bug from version 9.00 Fixed brown/blue CID37 booting bug from version 9.00 Cruiser Update Version 9.0 (08 February 2006) LG U8550 unlocking without TP. World's first again! Cruiser Update Version 8.11 (30 January 2006) Unlocking flash file for LG U8550 released. In this version phone has to be flashed via TP. To repair phones damaged by other tools tick Overwrite flash certificate option. It should not be necessary anymore to unlock RSA before unlocking new Sharp phones via patching. Installer updated. A bug regarding Sony Ericsson P910a phones fixed. TAC list for Sony Ericsson T630i and Sharp V703SH updated. Cruiser Mega Update (V7.0) - Added support for fast direct unlock of Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833 phones. - Direct OTP/GDFS check enable/disable function added for Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833 - Support for unlocking of any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040. Even for Sony Ericsson W900 phones. - Support for flashing of any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040 without changing primary certificate. - Fast LG 3G unlocking functionality via firmware patching was extended in order to support some LG U8550 firmware. - Added support for locking OTP area in LG 3G and Sharp 3G empty-boards. - Added an option to write new Bluetooth MAC address to RSA-protected ARM-based SE phones. - Certificate recovery function updated. - Repair EROM functionality updated to reflect Sony Ericsson W550 and W600 phones. Both brown CID49 and red CID49 phones are supported now. - Fixed minor bug in RSA configuration analysis code. - Updated Customize FS function. - Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson W600i, J300a and K750i. Features: - NO LOGS REQUIRED - NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED - Support parallel flashing of 16 phones. Speed up to 140MBytes per 2 minutes. - The first software for unlocking Sharp V801SH, Sharp V802SH and V902SH phones. - The first software that can unlock red CID36 phones. - Full support for unlocking LG U8180 and U8330 phones WITHOUT a testpoint. - Full support for red/brown CID36 phones, now without testpoint! - Can convert red CID36 phones to brown CID36 without using a testpoint. - Possibility to operate with up to 16 phones in parallel using cheap Fighter USB cables. - Possibility to operate via original DSS-20 and DSS-25 synchronization cradles. - Unlock SIM-Locks. Can read codes (also supports 16-digit codes). - Unlock User-Lock. Can also read User-lock code. - Relock SIM-Lock to a specific network (handy for LG phones). MNC of 3 digits is supported too. - Full security zone rebuild (unlock of 4 closed locks) in R520/T39/T65 also. - Language pack change and software customization (also without user data loss). - Contains an easy-to-use CDA tool. This allows using the original Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service. - Upgrade phone firmware. - Uploadi signed file archives (SFA). - Downgrade LG file system to allow unlocking. - Convert Sony Ericsson K750 to W800, D750 to K750, V800 to Z800, F500 to K500... - Convert Sony Ericsson P900 to P910, T66 to T600, R380s to R380e... - Sony Ericsson V800/Z800/D750/K750/W800 EROM repair. Brown and red phones of CID29/CID36. - Changing band lock setting (to enable 1800MHz in someSony Ericsson Z1010 phones). - Changing colour of RSA certificate - to force developer units (brown) to accept retail (red) firmware. - Full support for cross-CID flashing. It is possible to flash CID16, CID17 and CID29 phones by any-CID flashes. - Automatic memory configuration analysis to prevent accidental GDFS damage - unlike other tools! - Write almost any combination of languages. - Write almost any combination of T9 dictionaries. - Download languages and T9 dictionaries from the phone. - Download files from the phone. - Upload user files to the phone (audio, video, themes, etc.) - Upload any file to any position in the directory structure - for advanced users. - Repair dead, blinking and contact-operator phones. - Repairing phones with completely destroyed security zone in case you have no backup. - Empty board programming (IMEI filling, OTP area programming, RSA certificate upload...) - Turn camera shutter sound on/off. - Backup security zone. - Restore security zone. - Recalculate all security zone CRCs. - Change phone type descriptor. - Reset air time, reset total call time, reset life time. - Reset joystick counter. - Enable/disable channel info, battery info, SIM toolkit support, SMS capability. - Backup/restore/copy GDFS calibration zones. - COMPLETE FIGHTER FUNCTIONALITY INCLUDED (i.e. all previous phones are supported) ! Supported cell phones: Sharp V801SH , Sharp V802SH , Sharp V902SH , Sony Ericsson D750i , F500i, J300i , J300c , K300i , K300c , K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K600i , K600c , K608i , K700i, K700c, K750i , K750c , S600i , S600c , S700i, S700c, S710a, V600i , V800, V802SE, W600a , W800i , W800c , Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z520i , Z520c , Z800i , Z800c , Z1010i, Z1010c, LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, LG U8180 , LG U8330 , including (R)-marked LG phones, and all older SE GSM phones . The following CIDs are supported: 16, 17, 19, 24, 29, 36, 41 and 42.

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