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About T-BOX
Support these types of CPU chips which as following:
MTK, SPD, Ankai, ADI, SKY, TI, INF, AGERE, OM, SI, 4904 etc.. Scan these chips and BOOT signal automatically, we can upgrade the master for scanning the unknown chips, the scanning speed is supper fast and accurate.

NEW: All intelligent operation & human design
1. Identify cable no need manual control, applicable for any cables from other factories
2. Identify chips by scanning automatically (not suggest because of the slow speed, time from 2second to 6 minutes)
3. Scan BOOT signal automatically, no need to press the power-on key of mobile phone when scanning the SPD chip(just need to press the "reset" key to power off when doing the "write" and "read" operation
4.The software platform will pop-up after the scanning done.
Scan USB explanation of scanning master

After open T BOX master software, connect to the mobile phone, then power the mobile phone by the power line of the conversion lines which need to be connected to the BOX, select the types of chips which you want to scan(Take scan the definition of SPD USB for example: 6600D CPU no need to scan USB) the operation description will appear automatically in the master

Automatic memory scanning function(If there is a new definition, after scanning, the memory will be stored, then when scan the same mobile phone at the second time, the device will identify it automatically and scan definition rapidly in 1 second)after scanning done the software platform will pop-up automatically .using the Philips chip can make the time shorted to 3-20 seconds when scanning the SPD chip and USB circuit(even for the special mobile phone only need less than 50 seconds),super fast and super accurate. Can be defined by manual control as : RXD, TXD, USB D+, USB D-, VCC, GND signal lines and so on,the master interface as following:

The latest optimal power circuit, the super short-circuit & overcurrent protection
1.There is a overcurrent protection both in power clip and output socket ;the box scanning power supply is automatic conversion, no need distinguish Positive and negative for charging mobile phone.
2. Prompts from speaker and LED when short-circuit and overcurrent.
3.There is a reset key in T BOX to power off mobile phone, It is quite convenient for SPD mobile phone to do the operation of reading and writing etc.(There are full details in the software platform specification)
NEW: The latest and perfect SPD&MTK software platform can help you write flash, format, read lock(include SPD mobile phone user lock), read phonbook, write IMEI, repair BAD fault. The platform as following:

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