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Spiderman Box

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spiderman box include usb pin finder.....

Spiderman Box (Packaged with 17 pcs cables) Spiderman Box-Automatic exchange battery electrode connector.-With a empty smart-card socket insidex.-popular RJ45 and USB port.-Unlock and IMEI repair.- Add or change language.
Hardware Features: Contain all kinds Chinese phones connectors.Add new cables at anytime without cost. Automatic scan the phone's pinouts definition in few most of Chinese phones and Samsung,lg etc. Manual random defines 24pins(max) free signals(rxd,txd,usb,etc). Automatic exchange battery electrode connector. With a empty smart-card socket inside, popula RJ45 and USB port. 32bit ARM online hardware upgrade. Software Features: Support all serial MTK,Spreadtrum,AD,TI,Skyworks,Agere,Philips and Infineon Platform. Feedback and restore full flash room (NOR and NAND)used all format file Unlock and IMEI repair Add or change language Unprotect MTK-UID etc

Package Contains :
1 x Spiderman Box 17 x cables
cable 1 x L24A
Cable 1 x L22A
Cable 1 x L20A
Cable 1 x L20B
Cable 1 x L18A
Cable 1 x L18B
Cable 1 x L14B+L10E 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L14F+L12A 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L14D+L12B 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L14C+L10D 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L14E+L12C 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L10A+L10B 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L10C+L08A 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L4B+L3B 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L14A+L5B 2 in 1
Cable 1 x L5A+L4A+L3A 3 in

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