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MX Key

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MobileEx new v.2 Edition;- Support Win Vista Operating system-Flash MCU,PPM,CP(Content Pack).ADSP,APE variant,APE userdisk-Backup and Restore IMEI data-On The fly IMEI and ESN changes-CDMA phone tunning-and many more.
v3.0 Beta11 RC2, Public-Release ------------------------------------ v3.0 Beta11 RC2, Public-Release - MAIN Improved, dongle communication routine Fixed, Self Update - NK MTBOX DCT4 flash supported. Improved, DCT4&BB5 Online Logger Improved, RX2 auto enabled Added, Simple hint "detailed" BB selftests Fixed, PP extract for DP2.0 phones Added, DCT4PLUS UEM imei read - CCS Added, Forced RX queue for better handle of dead phone flashing Fixed, Emergency mode Image DL enabled - OTHER Added, Latest mxLogger client(v1.4a) in setup Please download manually from:

Welcome to MXKEY online support

FINALLY its here!
mobileEx Service Suite
The most powerfull software repair partner

Designed for easy to use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable.

Support the most important features for mobile-phones repair & services partner in safety way, even for beginner.

* Flash MCU, PPM, CP (Content Pack), ADSP, APE variant, APE userdisk
* Backup and Restore IMEI data
* On The fly IMEI and ESN changes
* CDMA phone tunning
* and many more ...

No need any other 'special' tools, only mobileEx will do ;).

v3.3 revision 1.0, Public-Release
Softwarev3.3 revision 1.0, Public-Release
#Major update

Improved, Application Signing system
~ client time will be checked before signatures generation to avoid duplicate error request.
~ date-time issue bug on server side fixed.
~ no messages will be displayed if signatures invalid when working in FREE module(siemens).
Added, Server status info on server check
~ ping check removed, so there will be no more firewall problem.
Redesigned, Modules Manager page
~ This will make the posibility to update single module at future updates.
Check for daily update re-enabled.
~ application will check update once a day and will be displayed in tooltips when new update found.
- NK
Added, BB5 RAPIDO STN8815(N96) usb flashing(Dead Usb also possible)
Fixed, DCT4PLUS ASIC 0x3168 patch unlock and imei changes (2630 v52.70, 2680 v06,80)
Fixed, BB5 Flashing (partitioning bug)
Fixed, Fast flashing bug when using JAF box.
Added, PM308,1 backup on 'BB5 SW downgrade fix'

Other modules recompiled for major api changes.

Please 'Sign Application' first, make sure you have correct date,time setting on your computer.
Every card have 5 chances to request digital signature from server.

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